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In Aquarios Irrigation we are committed to provide our 300+ customers with an integral landscaping service that includes irrigation systems with efficient in-ground lawn sprinkler installation and lighting, with the ultimate goal to add beauty, safety, functionality and value to your property.

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Irrigation Systems


Tired of watering? Take back your time with the installation of an automatic lawn sprinkler system.

Aquarios Irrigation can help you enjoy a healthy lawn while providing your landscaping with proper hydration through a precise irrigation system.

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Smart automatic lawn sprinkler system


Save time.If you are busy person distressed over watering your lawn by hand on your long- awaited weekends, a big benefit of a smart irrigation system is saving your time. With an efficient irrigation system, you won’t have to worry anymore.

Save water.An efficient irrigation system applies just the right amount of water when and where needed.

Save money.A smart irrigation system knows exactly what your lawn needs and won’t use more than your lawn and landscape require.

Adds value to your home.A neat and glowing green lawn is a big selling point for a home and an irrigation system can help with that.

Reduces plant diseases.With the right irrigation system, the water will go to desirable areas, enhancing the growth of the plants you want in your garden.

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Landscape Lighting

Enhance your safety, accessibility and recreation with outdoor illumination. Professionally- installed landscape lighting is a worthwhile investment into your home with minimal costs after installation.


Extend the hours you can enjoy your outdoor space

Light up your outdoor space and highlight special features in your yard by adding the right ambiance whether you are with the family,or having a romantic evening.

Provide extra safety and security to your home

Outdoor lighting keeps your family safe while enjoying your yard at night. Install outdoor lighting in high traffic areas like patios, decks, around the pool, and outdoor seating areas. Illuminate paths, stairs, walkways, and even your driveway.

Enhance Property Value and Appeal

Strategic outdoor lighting throughout your yard increases your property value. Place outdoor lighting strategically to show off special features in your yard.

Landscape Lighting Deters trespassing and theft

Make your guests comfortable coming to your home at night with a well-lit porch and front door.

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